Silk Zibeline Fabric

Silk Zibeline Fabric by James Hare is a luxurious fabric with a long nap; a pure silk twill weave fabric. This beautiful fabric is extensively used to make the finest Wedding Dress, Bridal Gown or Special Occasion wear outfits. The fabric holds its shape beautifully when draped.

Silk is the most hypoallergenic fabric of all; cool in summer and warm in winter. This fabric gives good structure for garments, with a nap that faces one way. Perfect for that completely unique and personal organic design. Cut and shape detailed patterns with ease due to the structure of the fabric. The perfect fabric choice to make full skirts or dresses, suits, coats and formal outwear. Long been adored for its high durability and versatility.

Also known as Mikado, Zibeline Silk is easy for you to coordinate Silk Organza and Tulle Veiling with all the colours. Regardless of the vision you may have for your Bridal Gown, fit and fabric quality, reign supreme, as the most important factors to consider when selecting your fabric.