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James Hare Vyne Silk Wallcovering BESPOKE 31625WC
Colour: Black BeanColour: Blanched AlmondColour: French GreyColour: GalwayColour: Ivory
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James Hare Vyne Silk Wallcovering BESPOKE 31625WC

Our Price:  £105.00
(Inc. 20% VAT)

SKU:  31625WC-BSPK-06
Brand:  James Hare Fabrics
Composition  100% Silk
Width (to Selvage)  140 cms (55.1 inches)
Usage  Wallcoverings

James Hare Fabrics

James Hare Vyne Silk Wallcovering BESPOKE 31625WC from Silks & Crystals creates dramatic walls and is a smart and stylish alternative to wallpaper. Intense depth of colour is achieved through natural texture...


This Vyne Wallcovering is a BESPOKE service available through Silks & Crystals from James Hare. These wallcoverings are supplied direct to you untrimmed as it is recommended that your decorators trim on site.

  • There is a minimum order of x10 metres, increasing thereafter by x1 metre increments.
  • The lead time will be quoted at the time of placing the order but is usually around 2 weeks. 


The finished effect of fabric wallcoverings is panelled and NOT SEAMLESS. As natural fabrics are produced using natural fibres, there may be irregularities and variations which, will be especially visible as the fabric is laid flat; in particular there may be variations in shade and weave which are characteristics of natural fabrics, hence their beauty. We recommend the use of cords or trims along the seams, in particular with thick fabrics to protect and hide seams.
James Hare wallcoverings require expert installation. Contact details of experienced contractors are available. ALL responsibility for problems which may occur during installation where you have used an inexperienced decorator, is yours and we decline all responsibility.
Before hanging, the wallcovering must be checked to ensure that it meets with yours and/or your clients expectations. Claims will not be accepted for any reason whatsoever after the wallcovering has been hung by you, your staff and/or your client.
The fabric is put under tension during the paper-backing process. This may result in the horizontal weave becoming distorted. This is commonly referred to as 'Smiling' or 'Frowning'. Wallcoverings will not be accepted back into stock if this occurs. Horizontal Weaves cannot be matched when applied to the wall.
Wallcoverings cannot be pattern matched.
Before hanging, check that you and your client are happy with the quality of the various rolls. No liability is accepted for alleged defects apparent prior to hanging. Returns will not be accepted.

Returns of bespoke wallcoverings are NOT ACCEPTED.

All wallcoverings are supplied untrimmed – it is recommended they are trimmed on site to avoid damage in transit.

With over 700 plain colours and some fabulous woven patterns there is a dazzling range of possibilities. Virtually all the fabrics can be paper backed to create bespoke wallcoverings, however, we do not recommend horizontal stripes, checked fabrics or embroideries.

If you are interested in this service please Contact Us.


Wallcovering Hanging Instructions!

Please do not attempt to hang James Hare wallcoverings without reading the following instructions; they ALL require expert installation. Silks & Crystals declines all responsibility for problems arising when these instructions are not followed. Before installation the wallcovering must be checked to ensure it meets your or your clients requirements and expectations.

The handmade nature of the products means that elements of their appearance are subjective and what is suitable for one client may not be suitable for another. If during the inspection you find anything of concern to you, notify us immediately and do not commence installation. It is important that you and your client are aware that the finished effect will be panelled and not seamless. We cannot guarantee a pattern match on paper backed wallcoverings. As silk is a natural fibre there may be irregularities and variations which will be especially visible as the fabric is laid flat. In particular there may be variations in shade and weave which are natural characteristics of such yarns. We recommend the use of cords or trims along the seams, in particular with thicker fabrics, to protect and hide the seams.

Pay particular attention to the colour match of different rolls. No responsibility or liability will be accepted for alleged defects apparent prior to hanging. Returns will not be accepted.

Fabrics with visible horizontal lines may become distorted when paper backed. This is referred to as either frowning or smiling and is a natural occurrence with a paper backed fabric. This is due to the fabric being put under tension during the paper backing process. Fabric will not be accepted back if this occurs. We do not recommend paper backing for fabrics with horizontal stripes.

It is taken as read the starting point for any subsequent conversations about installation or appearance concerns, that you and/or your client have checked and approved the wallcovering before the installation began. No return of orders is accepted that have been trimmed, pasted or installed. No claims for labour charges or other consequential losses will be accepted, under any circumstances.

Surface Preparation:

1. Walls must be prepared properly for papering. Surfaces should be dry, smooth, flat and free of any loose material. The quality of the final result is dependent upon good preparation. New plaster and very absorbent surfaces must be properly sized. Do not expect wallcovering to improve an imperfect surface by hiding defects as it is unlikely to do so.

2. We do not recommend hanging on top of previous layers of paper, but where unavoidable check very carefully that all sub-layers are firmly stuck down.

3. Do not attempt to hang wallcovering onto glossy, glazed or varnished surfaces without keying the surface thoroughly to achieve sufficient adhesion before proceeding. Preferably remove such a surface entirely.

4. Do not use oil based priming products that remain flexible once dry because these may leach oil into the wallcovering and cause subsequent discolouration.

5. All walls should be lined with a plain white heavy grade lining paper. In the UK a suitable lining paper would be classified as 1000 or 1200 grade. The lining paper should be hung with the same adhesive being used to hang the final panels. (see also ‘Adhesive’)

6. Cross Lining (also known as Railroaded Lining) is not necessary so long as the vertical joints between the lining panels do not meet up with the subsequent vertical joints between wallcovering panels. All joints between lining panels should be firmly butted without gaps and once dry there must be no discernable ridge between them. Do not use a primer on top of the lining paper.

7. In arid and low humidity environments the lining paper may provide too absorbent a surface, in these cases we recommend experimenting with sizing the lining paper with paste and allowing this to dry before attempting installation.

8. Paint from adjacent areas must not be allowed to spill or brush over onto the lining paper as this might prevent the wallcovering from adhering properly.


1. Plan the positioning of each drop in advance to create a balanced panelled effect.

2. Paste the wall with a light and even coating of an undiluted ready mixed wallcovering adhesive. (see also ‘Adhesive’)

3. Gently butt join the seams, do not overwork them, however ensure there are no gaps and then dry splice.

4. No adhesive can be allowed to attach to the surface as any removal, even with clean water can still mark the silk.


1. The edges on James Hare wallcoverings require trimming before installation and without this will not join correctly. We recommend that trimmings are carried out on site.

2. Wallcoverings can be wrapped around outside angles (convex), but they must be cut vertically into all sharp internal angles (concave). Joints on outside angles or in exposed positions should be avoided as these areas will be prone to fraying in the future.

3. A fresh blade should be used for every cut.

4. We recommend that after installation is complete, all off cuts are rolled up and carefully stored as they may be useful in the future.


1. It is strongly recommend that you use a suitable adhesive for your product, installation method and local climate.

2. Paste the wall with undiluted ready-mixed PVA adhesives which should be used in the consistency supplied. Adhesives such as Albany Red Top, Solvite Red Top or Bartoline pre-mixed heavy duty paste are preferable.

General Installation:

1. All tools that will touch the surface of the wallcovering should be immaculately clean and dry at all times.

2. Sponges should be rinsed clean after each use.

Recommended Paperhangers:

We strongly recommend that you use a professional wallpaper hanger with plenty of experience of hanging silk wallcoverings. For further contact details of experienced decorators, email 

We cannot and will not guarantee the work of any paperhanger. A client must satisfy themselves as to the standard of work and professionalism of the paperhanger before accepting them to do the work required.

Further Information:

If your questions have not been answered by any of the above, do not understand any aspect of these instructions, or you require further advice please do not hesitate to contact us. We will be happy to help in any way that we can to ensure that your James Hare wallcovering lives up to its full potential and that you and your client are delighted with your new wallcovering.


How to buy FABRIC (e.g. 2.5m)
  • Choose 'Metre' from drop-down menu
  • Quantity 2
  • Click 'Add to Basket'
  • Choose '0.5 Metre' from drop-down menu
  • Quantity 1
  • Click 'Add to Basket'
    (All fabric is shipped in one continuous length)
How to buy a SAMPLE
  • Choose 'SAMPLE'
  • Quantity 1
  • Click 'Add to Basket'
  • (Max 6 samples in total)


Silk always ships on its own to protect the fabric from damage. 'Usually' Same or next day dispatch on orders placed before 11 am (Mon - Thur) on in-stock items.

Samples – (Maximum 6 Samples) 2nd class via Royal Mail.

Fabric UK
  • orders below   £150   -  £11
  • orders above   £150   -  Free     
Tracking, when available, will be added to your order - log into your account to check progress. If you ordered both fabric and samples - the samples ship separately via 2nd class Royal Mail. Most Silk is sent via UPS Courier in the UK. All orders are tracked, insured and a signature required on delivery.



Please note we are unable to accept returns on items which have been ordered especially for you, or orders of wallpaper.
Returns are accepted for any faulty James Hare Fabric within 14 days.
Please note - James Hare Fabrics can only be returned if they are uncut and not altered or marked in any way by you or your dressmaker/designer - It is your responsibility to check and ensure that you are 100% happy with the fabric BEFORE proceeding with your project.

For our full 'Shipping & Returns' Policy please visit here 

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