Tulle & Veiling

A stunning collection of Tulle, Veiling and Net by James Hare made from silk, silk-mix or synthetic materials. Tulle is the traditional choice for your Wedding Dress Veil and resembles a very fine net which is stiffer than chiffon, and looser than netting.

Lightweight and fine, James Hare's selection is the Crème de la Crème, most commonly used for your Wedding Veil. It is a very versatile fabric with many uses, including Ballet Tutu, Dance Costume, Evening Dresses, Formal Wear, Prom Dress or Ball Gown, as a soft overlay or underlay. Taking its name from ‘Tulle’ in France and pronounced ‘Tool’.

Silk Dress Net or Dress Netting is also a versatile fabric commonly used to add body or structure and visual enhancement to Fascinators, Wedding Favours, Embellishments in bouquets, Ballet or Dance Tutu’s, as an underskirt for your Wedding Dress or Ball Gown and also Costumes.

Veiling is a light gauzy fabric, thin and transparent with a loose open weave, used for Wedding Veils. It is a type of Tulle which drapes well and holds its shape, hence being the perfect choice for your Wedding Veil.

These fabrics must be handled with care. To remove wrinkles, hang the fabric from a hanger for a few days. We do not recommend the use of an iron! Tulle does not ravel so does not require hemming. They coordinate beautifully with our Duchesse Satin Silk, Silk Zibeline Fabric and Bridal Silk Fabrics Collection.