Simla Silk Matka

Simla Silk Matka Fabric 31463 by James Hare is a luxurious pure Silk Fabric. With an exceptionally soft drape and linen look, this makes for a subtle texture which is ideal for both men's and women's Fashion. It is a truly versatile fabric, and an elegantly stunning alternative to dupion.

'Matka' means ‘rough handloom silk fabric’ in India! Four types of silk fabric form the basis for all other silk types; Mulberry Silk, Tasar Silk, Eri Silk and Muga Silk. These four types of natural silk may be power woven or hand woven, from which many textiles can then be made. There are at least eleven silk textile varieties produced from these four; Matka Silk is one of them!

It comes from thick yarn spun by the silk worms; the irregularities in the fabric are expected and are considered unique. Besides its use in suits, jackets and furnishings, it is perfect for doll’s clothes, scrapbooks, collages and journals. Because it's lightweight, this makes it perfect for embroidery and textile art too.