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Silk Wallcoverings

Silk wallcoverings by James Hare are a simply stunning addition to any home or office environment. Virtually all of their fabrics can be paper-backed and used to dramatic effect on our walls. Fabric wallcoverings produce dramatic walls with natural texture and intense depth of colour which creates a smart, stylish alternative to traditional wallpapers. Silk wallcoverings are a strong emerging trend.

You have over 700 plain colours, together with stunning woven and embroidered patterns to choose from. There is sure to be a design and colour to match your vision…come and check out our Colour Portfolio.

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Characteristics of Silk Wallcoverings

The finished effect of fabric wallcoverings is panelled and not seamless. As natural fabrics are produced using natural fibres there may be irregularities and variations which will be especially visible as the fabric is laid flat. In particular, there may be variations in shade and weave which are characteristics of natural fabrics. The use of cords or trims along the seams are recommended, in particular with thick fabrics, to protect and hide the seam.

Stocked Wallcoverings

Produce dramatic effects on your walls with James Hare’s stocked collection of wallcoverings. With natural texture and intense depth of colour, which are a smart and stylish alternative to traditional wallpaper, you are spoilt for choice.

Sourced from their original extensive range of plain silks, this collection has a minimum order quantity of 3 metres and thereafter in increments of 3 metres.

An allowance of 10% should be added to the total meterage required. Lengths are cut to the nearest metre.

Bespoke Wallcoverings

With over 700 plain colours and some fabulous woven patterns there is a dazzling range of possibilities. Virtually all the fabrics can be paper backed to create bespoke wallcoverings, however, we do not recommend horizontal stripes, checked fabrics or embroideries.

The lead time will be quoted at the time of placing the order but is usually around 2 weeks.

The price for paper backing is currently £50.00 (subject to change without notice) per metre on top of the cost of the fabric. There is a minimum charge of 10 metres or £500 for the paper backing service. If the order is less than 10 metres, the charge will be £500 (subject to change without notice) for the wallcovering service and the price per metre of the fabric e.g. if the order is for 5 metres, the charge will be £500 for the service and the additional cost for the 5 metres of you chosen fabric.

Returns of bespoke wallcoverings are NOT ACCEPTED.

All wallcoverings are supplied untrimmed – it is recommended they are trimmed on site to avoid damage in transit.

If you are interested in this service please Contact Us.

Hanging Instructions

James Hare wallcoverings require expert installation. We can provide details of experienced decorators. All responsibility is declined for problems which may occur during installation due to the inexperience of the decorator. Before hanging, the wallcovering must be checked to ensure that it meets the client’s expectations. Claims will not be accepted for any reason whatsoever after the silk has been hung by the customer, their staff, agents or decorator.

Horizontal Weft Lines

The fabric is put under tension during the paper backing process which may result in the horizontal weave becoming distorted. This is commonly referred to as frowning or smiling. Wallcoverings will not be accepted back into stock if this occurs. Horizontal weaves cannot be matched when applied to the wall.

Pattern Match

Wallcoverings cannot be pattern matched.

Quality Control

Before hanging, check that you and your client are happy with the quality of various rolls. Neither Silks & Crystals nor James Hare, will accept liability for alleged defects apparent prior to hanging. Returns will not be accepted.

Order your Silk Wallcoverings by James Hare today! You have a dazzling range of possibilities…