James Hare Crepe Backed Satin Purple Orchid

James Hare Crepe Backed Satin Purple Orchid
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SKU:  8133-22
Brand:  James Hare Fabrics
Unit Qty:  1 Metre
Product Weight:  112g
Composition:  100% Silk
Width (to Selvage):  140 cms (55.1 inches)
Product Use:  Dress & Bridal, Interior

James Hare Fabrics

Purple Orchid Crepe Backed Satin

Crepe Backed Satin Purple Orchid 8133/22 by James Hare is medium weight, sleek, chic and effortlessly stylish. This luxuriously soft and smooth fabric is perfect for creating a plethora of clothing and accessories. Ideal for creating your Wedding Dress, Bridal Gown, Bridesmaid Dresses, Mother of the Bride Outfit, Shirts, Scarves and Nightwear; this stunning material is highly versatile. It’s also the perfect choice for Lingerie and any other Special Occasion Outfit like your Ball Gown or Prom Dress.

This pure silk fabric combines with our Silk Chiffon Fabric 8156 to create beautiful medium and super-weight garments.

Satin dates to the Middle Ages where it originated in Zaytoun (Zaitin, Canton) China. By the time it arrived in Europe around the twelfth to thirteenth centuries it was spelt aceytuin; in Italy it was zetin then finally to Satin as we know and love it today. It was the court favourite in England from around the fourteenth century.

What is Crepe Backed Satin?

Lustrous and smooth on one side, with a soft crepe texture on the other; you can use either side of this amazing reversible fabric. Therefore, it can also be called Satin Crepe, Crepe Satin or Satin-backed Crepe. Another common name used for the material is Silk Charmeuse. We also offer a beautiful Stretch version of the fabric. Available in different weights, from light to super weight, and a plethora of colour options. Our favourite shade is Ivory and there are a few different weights.

Generally a light-weight fabric relatively speaking, woven with a satin weave where the warp threads cross over four or more of the weft (backing) threads. The float threads give the smooth, reflective side, whereas the reverse has a matte finish.

Pins can mark the fabric when cutting and sewing with it; use clips and/or sewing weights to aid the sewing process. The fluid drapes comes from being cut on the bias.

The fabrics uses in menswear includes but not limited to, boxer shorts, jackets, handkerchiefs, trousers and of course the finest of pure silk ties.

The fabric is often carefully pre-shrunk, prior to you constructing your garment. This may allow for a very gentle hand-wash, as opposed to having to dry-clean your outfit. This is entirely down to the customers own choice in how they wish to treat their finished article or item. There remains different schools of thought on this and it would of course, be entirely your own personal choice and decision.

Order your James Hare Silk Crepe Backed Satin Purple Orchid Sample today! It's the only way to experience the true look and feel of this stunning fabric….try before you buy!

James Hare Silks

Washing - No
Dry Iron on Silk Setting - Yes
Recommended dry cleaning in Perchlorethylene - Yes
Can chlorine bleach be used - No
Exposure to direct sunlight must be avoided as this can lead to colour loss
Lining and inter-lining fabric is strongly recommended when using these fabrics for curtains
As an extra precaution, window blinds and/or filters should also be used

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