Orissa Silk Fabrics

Orissa Silk Dupion Fabric 31446 by James Hare is extensively used to make beautiful items for your home.

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Gorgeous and incredibly diverse, it is the best known and loved silk in the world, used by top designers around the world. Available in over 200 colours, it’s often referred to as Raw or Wild Silk and has a natural and artisan look. Also known as Dupioni or Douppioni. Natural slubs which run across the fabric create textural interest. A 'silk slub' is a thickened portion of yarn; when occurring naturally it creates random surface interest in textiles; also created deliberately in some fabrics to add texture. When used for making your drapery, be sure to use a quality underlining to protect your curtains from sunlight.

Looking for a versatile fabric which will compliment most styles? Then this is the first choice for you! The fabric will coordinate with stunning effect, with almost any of our other fabrics.