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Order Process - How To


CHOOSE CATEGORY - On the home page click the main category of products you want to buy in the black top navigation bar (e.g. James Hare Silk Fabrics)
CHOOSE SUB-CATEGORY - Scroll down and click the type of product you’re looking to buy (e.g. Silk Chiffon Fabric)
CHOOSE PRODUCT - Scroll down and click on the product you would like to look at or buy (e.g. James Hare Silk Chiffon Fabric French Dyed Vibrant Green)
CHOOSE OPTION - Below the image and price you will see a box which says select in it – click it and choose which option you’re looking for (e.g. sample)
CHOOSE QUANTITY - Above the ‘choose option’ box you can add the quantity of the product you require and click Add to Basket

A little window will open up showing you the contents of your shopping basket and asking you to click ‘Continue Shopping’ (once clicked you can continue shopping as above) or ‘Review & Checkout’. The box disappears after a few seconds if you don’t want to choose either.


If you’re not already at checkout stage simply click ‘View Basket’ on the top navigation bar which will open up you’re shopping basket. Once her you can update details about your ordered products.

  • Change product details if you wish to or the quantity you wish to order then click ‘Update Cart’
  • Add any COUPON CODES you may have in the box then click ‘Update Cart’
  • Next to ‘Estimate Delivery’ choose your country (if applicable), from the drop-down list
  • Click the ‘Checkout’ button (you can also click ‘Continue Shopping’ if you’ve forgot something



  • We require your name, physical address, email address and you’re telephone number for order and delivery purposes to fulfil our contract to you
  • Input any reference you may wish to use for your order within the box
  • Add any comments you may have about you’re order within the box
  • If you wish to ship to an alternative address tick the box and fill out the details
  • If relevant, choose your ‘Delivery’ method by clicking the drop-down list – some products have default shipping e.g. the samples
  • Decide if you would like our monthly marketing email with details and features about new products and special offers by ticking the box
  • Click ‘Submit & Continue’ button


  • Click your method of payment – Card/BACS/PayPal or
  • If you’re order contains only silk samples click the ‘(ONLY) Silk Samples’ option to ensure you don’t have to pay for them
  • Pro Forma or PDF Invoice - In the event that you require a Pro Forma Invoice before proceeding with your purchase, we have prepared one for your convenience. You are welcome to view, print or download a copy via the links provided on the page.
  • Tick the box to accept our Term’s & Condition’s (an order can’t be placed without doing so)
  • Click ‘Submit & Continue’ button to input your payment details for your chosen method of payment (not all cards have an issue number) then click ‘Submit & Continue’ button and click ‘Complete Purchase’


  • You now have your order number, a link to your account page (if applicable) and you can also share the product on facebook page but only if you choose to. We always appreciate it when a product is shared it helps us to grow the business
  • You will receive an email with details of your order and a pdf invoice copy for your records
  • Tracking when available will be added to your order and emailed to you or, you can check your account for order updates
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