James Hare Silk

Bridal Silk Shades

Wedding Gown Silk

Alchemy Fabric

Facets of Raw Mineral

Argento Silk Fabric

Rainbow of Colour

Astor Faux Silk

An authentic look

Aurora Silk Fabric

Night Sky Inspiration

Carnaby Velvet

Perfect partner

Silk Chiffon Fabric

Soft, Chic & Elegant

Chiltern Fabric

Faux Wild Silk

Connaught Silk

Silk & Merino Wool


Night Sky Wonder

Corolla Fabric

Petals inspired

Crepe Backed Satin

Timelessly Chic

Crepe Georgette

Crinkled & Cascading

Domino Fabric

Geometric Jacquard

Duchesse Satin Silk

Traditionally Elegant

Dupion Silk Fabric

Sleek & Soft

Elements Faux Silk


Gallery Fabric

Art World Inspiration

Hatton Fabric

Beauty of Jewels

Imperial Silk Taffeta

Crisp & Elegant

Iona Satin Linen

Iona Satin Linen

Jab Silk Habotai

Cool in Summer


Fractures of Light

Kashmiri Silk Fabric

Pure Silk Matka

Lace Fabric

Classic, Sexy, Versatile

Mikado Fabric

'Pick up Sticks'

Organza Silk Fabric

Soft & Transparent

Orissa Silk Dupion

Worlds favourite Silk

Osprey Faux Silk

Mottled markings

Persia Fabric

Two Jacquard Weaves

Pimlico Silk Fabric

Modern Twist

Portobello Fabric

Portobello Road

Regal Silk Dupion

Smooth & Elegant

Savoy Silk Fabric

Fresh & Exciting

Silk Satin Fabric

Chic, Stylish, Flowing

Simla Silk Matka

Alternative to Dupion

Soho Silk Fabric

Modern, Sharp, Zappy

Solitaire Fabric


Tartan Silk Dupion

Authentic & Classic

Tempo Fabric

Music & Dance

Tesserae Silk

Mosaic Elements

Textured Weave

Country Living

Topaz Fabric

Raised Texture

Tulle Net Veiling

'Sheer' Class

Vienne Silk Fabric

Textured Fluid Drape

Voyager Fabric

Travel Inspiration

Vyne Silk Fabric

Pure Tussah Silk

Silk Wallcoverings

Adorn your Walls

Waterfall Silk

Tweed-Like Texture

Westbury Silk

17th Century Inspired

Silk Zibeline Fabric

Truly Traditional


 James Hare are one of the finest silk dresses and furnishing silk collections in the world and we are fortunate to stock a vast range of their products for our customers. Every fabric available is of the highest quality and made from 100% pure silk unless stated otherwise. Suitable for dresses, napkins and even revamping furniture, James Hare fabrics are both versatile and popular. Here at Silks and Crystals, we offer our customers the chance to request a sample, so you can feel and touch the beautiful fabrics, and believe us that James Hare products are effortlessly flawless. What’s more, this allows our customers the chance to ensure that their chosen material and colour is perfect and meets their specific requirements.

By choosing James Hare fabrics, no matter what you use them for you can be proud to own and showcase the gorgeous brand. Regularly seen on the catwalks around the world, James Hare are renowned for supplying top end fabrics that are suitable for every occasion. At Silks and Crystals, we pride ourselves on having an extensive range from James Hare, which has proven to be a firm favourite with our customers time and time again. 

  There are endless collections in the James Hare range, making them ideal for any purpose. The James Hare Silks Bridal Collection is probably the largest in the world today and includes Chiffon, Crepe, Duchesse Satin, Dupion, Embroideries, Georgette, Habotai, Jersey, Organza, Satin, Swarovski Crystal, Taffeta, Tartan, Thai Silk, Tulle, Velvet, Zibeline and many more. James Hare have provided such a variety of choices, it enables brides-to-be and seamstresses to create bespoke wedding and bridesmaid dresses that tick every box.

Silkis always in fashion; the range available includes Changeant Chiffon, Shot Taffeta, Glitzy Prints, luxurious Velvet, beautiful Jersey and heavily sequined Georgette. Silk is regularly a staple of fashion, so with the vast range available, customers can easily find the colour and style that best suits them. The range available includes, Changeant Chiffon, Shot Taffeta, Glitzy Prints, Velvet, Jersey and heavily sequined Georgette.

 The range of James Hare fabrics are ideal for making dresses for any occasion or event. From the classic luxurious Crepe Backed Satin available with co-ordinating chiffon, to Georgettes and Crepes, every dress can be original and unique to the individual wearing it.

 For that special jacket or waistcoat there is a wide range of embroidered and plain Dupion fabric, multi coloured embroidered Dupion, perfect for ties, bows and cummerbunds, making the menswear collection diverse and widespread. Hatters don’t need to look any further than the James Hare silks collection of Organza and Dupion colours. Used by some of the most famous names in the trade, James Hare fabrics are both adaptable and fashionable.

 With such a vast array of silks available, the name James Hare is well known to Theatre, Ballet and Opera companies throughout Europe with a range offering Damasks, multi coloured Embroideries, Appliquéd Organza, Taffetas, Jacquards, Dupion, Tartans, Velvet, Duchesse Satin and Organza.  

 James Hare have decorated such places as the walls of the Scottish Houses of Parliament, Wentworth Castle, Prince Williams 21st Marquee and the Royal Opera House to name a few. The interior collections we have available include Dupion, Regal Dupion, Matka, Natural Look, Tartan, Taffeta, the fabulous Botanical and Versailles Collections. James Hare silks are synonymous with the Fashion and Furnishing Industries; quality that is second to none, used by some of the most famous names in trade, all around the World. If you would like more information about our James Hare fabrics collection, get in touch with our team. We can help you to find the ideal fabric at affordable prices.

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