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Fashion Fabrics

Orissa Silk Dupion

Worlds favourite Silk

Regal Silk Dupion Fabric

Smooth & Elegant

Dupion Silk Fabric

Sleek & Soft

Tartan Silk Dupion Fabric

Authentic & Classic

Astor Faux Silk Dupion Fabric

An authentic look

Imperial Silk Taffeta

Crisp & Elegant

Silk Crepe Backed Satin

Timelessly Chic

Silk Crepe Georgette Fabric

Crinkled & Cascading

Silk Chiffon Fabric

Soft, Chic & Elegant

Silk Habotai Fabric

Cool in Summer

Duchesse Satin Fabric

Traditionally Elegant

Zibeline Silk Fabric

Truly Traditional

Silk Organza Fabric

Soft & Transparent

Silk Tulle Net Veiling

'Sheer' Class

Lace Fabric Collection

Classic, Sexy, Versatile

Textured Weave Fabrics

Country Living

Connaught Silk Fabric

Silk & Merino Wool

Iona Satin Linen

Iona Satin Linen

Lismore Linen Fabric

Purely Linen!

Savoy Silk Fabric

Fresh & Exciting

Simla Silk Matka Fabric

Alternative to Dupion

Alchemy Fabric Collection

Facets of Raw Mineral

Argento Silk Fabric

Rainbow of Colour

Aurora Silk Fabric

Night Sky Inspiration

Beauchamp Velvet Fabric

Sophisticated Upholstery

Carnaby Velvet Fabric

Perfect partner

Chiltern Fabric Collection

Faux Wild Silk

Constellation Fabric Collection

Night Sky Wonder

Corolla Fabric Collection

Petals inspired

Domino Fabric Collection

Geometric Jacquard

Elements Faux Silk Collection


Fitzrovia Fabric Collection

City Chic

Gallery Fabric Collection

Art World Inspiration

Gardyne Fabric Collection

A Tudor English Garden

Hatton Fabric Collection

Beauty of Jewels

Kaleidoscope Fabric

Fractures of Light

Kashmiri Silk Matka Fabric

Pure Silk Matka

Mikado Fabric

'Pick up Sticks'

Osprey Faux Silk Fabric

Mottled markings

Persia Fabric Collection

Two Jacquard Weaves

Pimlico Silk Collection

Modern Twist

Portobello Fabric Collection

Portobello Road

Shagreen Silk Fabric

Inspired by Shark & Ray Leathers

Soho Silk Fabric

Modern, Sharp, Zappy

Solitaire Fabric Collection


Tempo Fabric Collection

Music & Dance

Tesserae Silk Fabric

Mosaic Elements

Topaz Fabric Collection

Raised Texture

Vienne Silk Fabric

Textured Fluid Drape

Voyager Fabric Collection

Travel Inspiration

Vyne Silk Tussah Fabric

Pure Tussah Silk

Waterfall Silk Fabric

Tweed-Like Texture

Westbury Silk Fabric

17th Century Inspired

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James Hare Orissa Silk Fabric Sky


James Hare Astor Faux Silk Dupion Liberty


James Hare Orissa Silk Fabric Shadow Blue


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