Imperial Silk Fabrics

Imperial Silk Taffeta 31252 by James Hare is a crisp, flat and smooth silk fabric. Taffeta has an exceptional sheen making it ideal for Interior accents and drapery.

The threads of Imperial Silk are twisted as they are woven, giving its unique quality and creating the stiff structure of the fabric. A rustling sound called 'scroop' is made when it rubs together. The fabric is pliable and does not lose its shape or pill over time, maintaining its smooth surface. Make sure to use a new, sharp needle when sewing taffeta. Avoid the use of pins, instead opting for clips or weights to hold pattern pieces in place.

The word taffeta comes from the word tafta; a Persian word meaning twisted woven. This fabric was first produced in the twelfth century in the Middle East. 

On the 4th November 1782, taffeta was used by Joseph Montgolfier of France to construct a small cube-shaped balloon and led to the first human flight in a lighter-than-air craft. Much reference is also made in William Shakespeare’s plays.