Hatton Fabrics

The Hatton Fabric Collection by James Hare is inspired by the beauty of jewels; above all, the romance and elegance surrounding the most coveted of all jewels – a girl’s best friend, the diamond. The famous Hatton Garden jewellery quarter in the centre of London is the hub of the diamond trade. Architectural style and fabulous gems are woven into this stunning new collection of interior fabrics. They are ideal for upholstery, soft furnishings, drapery and wallcoverings.

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Kohinoor Fabric is named after the most famous diamond of all in the world. The luminescent fabric flows with light similar to the multi-facets of its namesake. Iridescent colours are created by using specific weaves, achieving maximum colour vibrancy. A diamond shape can be found at the heart of the fabric and its shape and subtlety is elegant and glamorous. The Koh-i-Noor diamond weighs in at 105.6 carats and is part of the British Crown Jewels; part of the Mughal Peacock Throne, it changed hands between various factions in South and West Asia before being ceded to Queen Victoria after the British annexation of the Punjab in 1849.

Mineral Fabric takes its inspiration from the effect of light glistening on a dampened stone. A semi-plain silk fabric which has a shimmering surface. It is particularly attractive in the new neutral colour palette of ice blue and blush pink.

Armilla Trim is created from a velvet jacquard of interwoven chevrons. The result is a complex but beautifully simple design. Armilla is the Latin name for bracelet and very fitting for a trim which may be used to edge a curtain or encircle furniture. A cotton viscose mix suitable for drapery and trims.

Terrazzo Fabric emulates polished slices of marble or stone with little inlays of colour. Add a pattern and splash of colour to any room. With a backdrop of stylish satin to a myriad of colour with patterned detail, reminiscent of gems and rocks glinting in the light. A cotton viscose mix that’s suitable for drapery.

Cullinan Fabric is sophisticated and smart. The ground colours are intense and rich. Sometimes they are shot to give a Thai Silk effect. The luxurious silver, gold and pearl ikat styled Jacquard reflect the jewel that has inspired the design. A viscose polyester mix fabric suitable for drapery.

Cora Trim is named after the Cora Sun-Drop diamond, discovered in 2010. Found in South Africa within a kimberlite pipe, it is the largest known yellow pear-shaped diamond. Weighing in at 110.3 carats and sold for $10.9 million at Sotheby’s in Geneva, setting a world record price for a yellow diamond. Tests showed that the diamond was formed one to three billion years ago and kept in The Vault of London until its sale. The trim places the gemstone light, right at the heart of its design, replicating the delicate jewellery piece of inlaid stone