Gallery Fabrics

The Gallery Fabric Collection by James Hare is a neutral colour palette of grey and soft earthy colours. Offset with jewel bright punches and muted pastels. This results in a smart and sophisticated range that is both timeless and elegant. Offering Embroideries, Jacquards and plain fabrics, through designs which reflect the images, energy and colour, of the Art World’s Impressionists. These beautiful fabrics invoke the skill of the artists who specialise in creating patterns by applying colour. A decadent feel is brought about by the shimmer of metallic, luxurious velvet and a drape similar to molten metal.

Abstract Fabric is a neat, off-beat, small scale geometric design with inspiration from the Cubist style of painting. A subtle graduation of colour within each rectangle gives the fabric surface interest. A smart elegant design that is perfect for both contemporary and traditional settings.

Cloudscape Fabric captures the mastery of cloud painting using 3D surface texture on canvas to create cloud formations with all their highlights and shadows. Available in cool neutral and warm, this is a design which conveys sunlight, glinting on the edge of each cloud formation, as it drifts across the surface of the fabric.

Tate Fabric is a new upholstery fabric. The combination of viscose and linen ensures that it is both durable yet soft to touch. The fabric has a very interesting surface texture, making it ideal for use on its own or combined with the abstract design.

This stunning collection is suitable for drapery, upholstery, soft furnishings and wallcoverings.