Fitzrovia Fabrics

The Fitzrovia Fabric Collection by James Hare makes a colourful statement through a contemporary take on city chic! A favourite haunt with actors, writers and musicians, including the Bloomsbury set. Regarded as one of London’s most creative quarters. An artful blend of Edwardian geometry comes alive with architectural detail, taking inspiration from Art Deco accents and theatrical flourishes.

The smart finishing touch is provided by a sumptuous collection of new fringes, tassels and trims all of which can be found in our Trim & Braid Collection

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Statement designs offering sophisticated and intricate stitching; from gorgeous silks suitable for formal drawing rooms to smart jacquards for complimenting your elegant upholstery. Cosy snugs can be updated with laidback linens and why not give your kitchen a new look with some corded embroidery.

Plume Silk Fabric is a pure silk fabric combining detail and texture to give a stunning effect. Resembling flamboyant feathers as intricate embroidery stitches sweep out across the fabric. Inspired by the fans, their dresses and headdresses, cut velvet buttons of colour add to the opulence of the partying 20’s. The fabric is suitable for soft furnishings, accents and drapery. 

Berkeley Square Fabric is a pure linen fabric. A cleverly innovative embroidery brings together architectural and geometrical details on a pure linen base. This fabric is suitable for headboards, soft furnishings and drapery.

Charleston Fabric is full of glitz and glamour through vibrant colour. Inspired through the fringed dresses worn during the Charleston dance. Geometric jacquard on a sleek satin weave base gives you the perfect opportunity to add some chic fun to your colour scheme. A polyester viscose blend fabric suitable for soft furnishings, accents and drapery. 

The Fitzrovia Fabric itself, is a stunning detailed cord embroidery on a cotton linen base. A large scale Paisley pattern where an array of stitching creates surface texture across the width in bold sweeps. It is suitable for soft furnishings, accents and drapery.

Maddox Stripe Fabric is ideal for curtains, blinds, cushions, headboards and drapery. Corded embroidery stripes create the texture and interest. The fabric is a linen cotton combination making it the perfect addition anywhere in your home. 

Piccadilly Fabric is a cotton, viscose polyester blend fabric. Picking up on the tones of Fitzrovia, the centre of each shape has sharp and jazzy edges with chenille pops of colour. A striking geometric fabric suitable for headboards, soft furnishing accents, upholstery and drapery.