Duchesse Satin Fabric

Duchesse Satin Fabric by James Hare, is stiffer and has less lustre than standard satin. Traditionally, because of its ‘body’, this beautiful pure silk fabric is extensively used to make the finest of Wedding Dresses, Prom and Evening Gowns.

ITV’s ‘Queen Victoria’ series made Jenna Coleman’s Wedding Dress using James Hare’s Duchesse Satin and Palmyra Sheer.

The fabric holds its shape beautifully and drapes well. Cut and shape detailed patterns with ease due to the structure of the fabric. It is also the perfect fabric choice to make full skirts or dresses although it is primarily used in the construction of couture Bridal Gowns, Christening Gowns and some Lingerie too. Silk is the most hypoallergenic fabric of all; cool in summer and warm in winter. Opulent yet uniquely elegant and lustrous.

James Hare Duchess Satin for your Wedding Dress?

Princess Elizabeth, for her wedding to Philip Mountbatten, had her Bridal Gown made out of Duchesse Satin Fabric. Her wedding shoes were made out of Satin too, trimmed with silver and seed pearl. She also did her own make-up for the occasion! Queen Victoria, at her wedding to Prince Albert also wore a White Satin Wedding Dress with slippers to match her gown.