Constellation Fabrics

The Constellation Fabric Collection by James Hare, is made up entirely of Jacquard designs, taking inspiration from the wonders of the night sky. Visually amazing and unusual fabrics, perfect for curtains, upholstery, blinds, lampshades, cushions, decorative detailing and wallcoverings. 

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Constellation fabric gives a fusion of colour, creating a subtle textural stripe. A decorative jacquard, adding a touch of sophistication to any interior. The merging colourways mask a subtle stripe design, available in elegant neutrals and splashes of bright bold shades.

Orion Fabric is a sophisticated herringbone design; just as its namesake, aligning itself effortlessly with the rest of the collection. The fabric is equally at home in both traditional and contemporary settings.  

Lyra Stripe Fabric is a serene vertical ombré stripe fabric with bands of colour merging together in harmonious graduation. The fluid shades gently flow across the fabric, from light to dark and back again, ensuring a calming and elegant design.

Aquila Fabric is an accent elliptical design, inspired by the soft markings of an eagle’s feather, after which the collection is named. This very striking fabric is perfect for drapery; available in neutral shades like Moondust to bright bold shades.