Chiltern Fabrics

Chiltern Faux Silk 31626 Fabric by James Hare offers an extensive colour palette which is competitively priced. The look and feel of this stunning fabric collection emulates that of a real wild silk.

Making curtains and cushions for your home interior will look truly spectacular. Creating for your bathroom or kitchen, you can rest easy knowing that any splashes or stains can be washed out.

Being significantly more light-fast than pure silk, means you don't have to worry so much about your stunning curtains fading in the sunlight. Feel free to select bold shades to display as cushions on your window seat. Likewise, shop window displays won't have the same dimming effect on the colour over time; meaning you can use eye-catching backdrops for much longer than their authentic counterpart. Choosing this fabric will give you a classic and beautiful, yet practical end result.

Perfect backdrop fabrics with a distinctive open basic weave, ideal for upholstery and drapery. With a rub test of 47,000 it makes an ideal contract fabric as well as being suitable for all sorts of domestic situations because it’s washable.