James Hare Levers Lace Fabric Blossom Pink

James Hare Levers Lace Fabric Blossom Pink
 James Hare Levers Lace Fabric Blossom PinkJames Hare Levers Lace Fabric Blossom Pink 
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SKU:  8253-02
Brand:  James Hare Fabrics
Unit Qty:  1 Metre
Product Weight:  86g
Composition:  67% Cotton 33% Nylon
Width (to Selvage):  135 cms (53.1 inches)
Detail:  Scalloped on both sides
Product Use:  Dress & Bridal

James Hare Fabrics

Blossom Pink Levers Lace

Levers Lace Fabric Blossom Pink 8253/02 by James Hare is a classic favourite. This beautiful fabric is scalloped on both sides.

Lace is made of yarn or thread in an open web-like pattern, either by machine or by hand. It adds elegance and refinement to your Wedding Dress and of course, sexy Lingerie. It is described as ‘A delicate fabric in an open weave repeating pattern’, a staple among designers and can be layered up or used on its own to create stunning garments for any occasion.

Originally lace was made with linen, silk, gold or silver threads but now, it is often made with synthetic or cotton thread, although silk and linen threads are still available. A few modern artists make lace with a fine copper or silver wire instead of thread. It is difficult to pinpoint the beginning of lace but its thought it originated in Venice.

Rapid development of lace began in the late 16th century when the popularity of this stunning work of art soared. In 1840, Queen Victoria’s Wedding Dress had lace on it, influencing the Wedding Dress style until now. Furthermore, in North America during the 19th century, missionaries spread the knowledge of lace making to the Native American tribes.

Lace fabric and trims offer many wonderful possibilities. Working with lace can be a time consuming process but one which is very rewarding. It requires skill and dedication with couture sewing techniques applied to the construction.

Applied as decorative detailing, as an overlay in fashion or on its own; you can apply it to Collars, Bridal Gowns or Wedding Dresses, Evening Gowns, Ball Gowns and Prom Dresses alike. Often is applied as detail to table cloths, used as a trim or in Appliques. It has also become a classic favourite for lampshades, windows or cushions in recent times.

Our collection includes Guipure Lace, Corded Lace, Bow Lace, Chantilly Lace, Levers Lace, Venetian Lace, Raschel Lace or French Paisley Lace to name but a few.

Order your James Hare Levers Lace Fabric Blossom Pink Sample today! It's the only way to experience the true look and feel of this stunning fabric….try before you buy!

James Hare Silks

Washing - No
Dry Iron on Silk Setting - Yes
Recommended dry cleaning in Perchlorethylene - Yes
Can chlorine bleach be used - No
Tumble Dryer - NO

Exposure to direct sunlight must be avoided as this can lead to colour loss
Lining and inter-lining fabric is strongly recommended when using these fabrics for curtains
As an extra precaution, window blinds and/or filters should also be used

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