How to Choose a Colour Scheme for your Wedding

Monday, 2 February 2015  |  Admin

How to Choose a Colour Scheme for your Wedding

While it requires time and effort, planning your wedding can be a great deal of fun. One of the most important aspects of planning your big day is choosing your wedding colours. Your colour scheme will contribute to the overall tone and atmosphere of your wedding, so choosing wisely is a must.

Consider your Favourites
The first step should be to think about what your favourite colours are. Create a list of colours you like, and then create a mood board. Pinterest is a great place to create a mood board for your potential wedding colours, but you can also use a traditional board.

What Type of Wedding are you having?
When considering your wedding colours, think about the type of wedding that you are having. Is your wedding a laid back and casual affair? Or are you having a traditional church wedding and a formal dinner for the reception? Classic wedding colours, like white, navy, silver and gold, are ideal for traditional weddings. For more casual weddings, bold and daring colours, like reds, and bright pinks are ideal.

The Venue
It’s important to think about the colour scheme of your wedding venue, before deciding on your colour scheme. You don’t want your wedding colours to clash with the colours featured in the venue. For example, if your colour scheme is green and white, but your venue features a great deal of orange, it would clash.

Also, if you are thinking of including a pattern in your colour scheme, like polka dots, or check print, then also make sure that this does not clash with the venue. Try to choose a colour scheme that compliments the colours of your wedding venue.

The Season
Whether it’s a whimsical spring wedding, or a grand winter wedding, the season may also have an effect on your choice of colour scheme. Bright colours, like hot pink, sky blue and lime green are classic colours for summer weddings. For winter, dark, rich colours, like crimson, dark purple, and midnight blue are ideal. 

The Outfits
In your wedding, your chosen colour theme will bring the whole look of the wedding together. From the table decorations, to the bridesmaid’s outfits, your colour theme will feature predominantly in your wedding. If you have an idea of the colour that you want your bridesmaids to wear, then this can be a good starting point for choosing your wedding colours.

Using Colour Carefully
Invitations, attire, décor, flowers, accessories will all utilize your colour scheme. But it’s important not to go overboard; say your chosen wedding colours are red and gold, don’t make absolutely every item in your wedding completely red and gold. Instead, incorporate red and gold accents into your table décor, your accessories, and overall décor, but also use a neutral shade like white to tone the colour scheme down.

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