Argento Silk Fabrics

The Argento Silk Fabric Collection by James Hare offers a sophisticated palette of semi-plains, inspired by nature itself. These stunning fabrics are perfect for soft furnishings and drapery. 

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Add Texture To Your Interiors

Sleek colour interest and contemporary accents are provided by the colour palette, providing all the neutrals you need with a distinctive metallic twist. A purposeful design to encourage and diffuse light, producing beautiful and intricate patterns on their surface, these silk mix fabrics are a step above! 

Providing interesting fluid patterns, reflecting the light like beaten metals. Contemporary, light-inspired elements, with iridescent finish of neutral tones. Designed to mimic the look of metal, with excellent reflection and dispersal of light in just about any space. Why not use to make unique and beautiful scatter cushions or pillows? This beautiful silk fabric is the perfect accent to any area of the home. More than just an afterthought, it can be the centrepiece of any room; providing instant elevation thanks to its innovative and attractive properties that guests will admire every time.

While neutrals never go out of style, it’s easy to create an interior that looks flat or plain if you don’t take the chance to introduce texture to your furnishings. From smooth surfaces to fluffy or yarn-based rugs, the contrast of textures, is what transforms a space into a comfortable and attractive place to live. 

Are you looking for the perfect way to introduce a little more texture into your living space, or adding some interest to your bedroom?