Constellation Fabric Collection

James Hare Constellation Fabric Collection is made up of Jacquard designs taking inspiration from the wonders of the night sky. Constellation Fabric gives a fusion of colour creating a subtle textural stripe. Orion Constellation gives a sophisticated herringbone design aligning itself effortlessly with the rest of the collection. Lyra Stripe Constellation is a serene vertical ombre stripe fabric with bands of colour merging together in harmonious graduation from light to dark and back again. Aquila Constellation Fabric is inspired by the soft markings of an eagles feather giving a very striking fabric. The entire Constellation Fabric Collection can be used for creating textiles such as Curtains, Blinds, Lampshades, Cushions etc. Ideal for drapery and light Upholstery in contemporary and traditional interiors.

Kaleidoscope, Connaught and Orissa make perfect partners to the Constellation Collection.  

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James Hare Aquila Fabric Pebble

James Hare Aquila Fabric Pebble£57.99   £51.99


James Hare Aquila Fabric Moondust

James Hare Aquila Fabric Moondust£57.99   £51.99


James Hare Aquila Fabric Seaspray

James Hare Aquila Fabric Seaspray£57.99   £51.99


James Hare Aquila Fabric Venus

James Hare Aquila Fabric Venus£57.99   £51.99


James Hare Aquila Fabric Eclipse

James Hare Aquila Fabric Eclipse£57.99   £51.99


James Hare Constellation Fabric Earth

James Hare Constellation Fabric Earth£69.99   £62.99


James Hare Constellation Fabric Granite

James Hare Constellation Fabric Granite£69.99   £62.99


James Hare Constellation Fabric Grey Slate

James Hare Constellation Fabric Grey Slate£69.99   £62.99


James Hare Constellation Fabric  Opal

James Hare Constellation Fabric Opal£69.99   £62.99


James Hare Orion Constellation Fabric Gold

James Hare Orion Constellation Fabric Gold£64.99


James Hare Orion Constellation Fabric Silver

James Hare Orion Constellation Fabric Silver£64.99


James Hare Constellation Fabric Seaspray

James Hare Constellation Fabric Seaspray£69.99   £62.99


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Page 1 of 2:    18 Items

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